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QR Code Menu For Restaurants & Cafes. Contactless Digital Menu Software helps to manage Orders of restaurants in a safe environment.

  • No Physical Menu
  • No Waiting Time
  • Menu Availability Control
  • Todays Special Control
  • WhatsApp Ordering System
  • Customers Feedback System

Our Client's QR Menus


Scan QR Code

Scan QR code from your mobile camera or google lense

Digital Menu

Digital Menu is in the customer’s palm, Only available items will be visible in the menu.


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More than 10000+ Restaurant / Business world wide

“QR code menus became progressively present since the pandemic began, So we decided to get the Digital Contactless Menu from QR Rocket for our restaurant. QR Rocket eliminates the requirement to navigate through search engines, result pages, and a number of other links to urge to the destination,
it is an easy process to get the Menu of our Restaurant with a Single scan of a QR Code.
Everything I need for my restaurant menus is already here. It gets easier every time, They're constantly improving the service.”

Kara Lucas

“Traditional menus are sometimes handled and touched by multiple diners at intervals identical to the party, reused by multiple groups of diners, and handled by building employees.
With contactless menus, there isn't any have to be compelled to hold a menu as a result of its digital, with diners simply scanning the QR Rocket to access the menu. All of this equates to a secure feeding experience and lowers the danger of COVID transmission.”

Rohan Venket

“With digital menus, it may be easier to feature item-specific pictures and supply a lot of elaborate descriptions to bring your menu to life. It may give quicker navigation to specific things through options like menu search,
therefore guests don’t ought to flip through a long menu to seek out what they’re searching for. All things we achieved with the help of the QR Rocket team and My experience has been top-notch all around with them.”

Varsha Kishore


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